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Tie Dye Mustache Knee High Socks

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TIE DYE MUSTACHE SOCKS ... Burt Reynolds, Ron Burgundy, Alex Trebek, the Monopoly Man, and You! Ok so maybe you don’t have an iconic Mustache like those guys but you can still look great with these Tie-Dye Mustache Over the Calf Socks available in 7 Bright Colors. Red Lion Brand Tye Dye Mustache Socks feature tons of Sewn-in Moustaches going all the way around the sock, and have a Sewn-in Heel construction to provide lots of comfort and durability.
Please Note: There may be some color-bleeding & color variation from the tie-dye process, not all socks will look exactly like the photos above, and No Two Socks Will Look Exactly The Same.

Mustache Sock Material: 77% Cotton, 21% Nylon, & 2% Spandex.

Moustache Tie Dye Sock Sizing: * * (approx. sizes)
- Small (Youth) - Sock Size 6 - 8.5 (Youth Shoe Sizes of 12 - 4, or Ladies Shoe Sizes of 4 - 5)
- Medium - Sock Size 9 - 11 (Ladies Shoe Sizes of 5 - 10; or Men's Shoe Size of 4.5 - 8.5)

Please Note: Limited Quantities Available, Clearance merchandise is non-returnable.

Care Instructions: Due to the sewing weave method of these Mustache socks - Hand Washing or Wash Separately on Delicate Cycle, and Tumble Dry Low is highly recommended.

7 Tie Dye Moustache Sock Colors: (shown above - Left to Right) • Bright Neon Blue Tie Dye Sock w/ Black Mustaches, • Bright Gold Tie Dye Sock w/ Black Mustaches, • Bright Neon Hot Pink Tie Dye Sock w/ Black Mustaches, • Bright Neon Lime Green Tie Dye Sock w/ Black Mustaches, • Red w/ Black Mustaches, • Royal Blue w/ Black Mustaches, • Pale Pink w/ Black Mustaches.

These fun & colorful Mustache Socks can be worn while playing many Sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Cheer, Dance, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Running, etc... so make sure to buy enough for the whole team.

NOTE: We've done our best to show the true color of these Tie Dye Mustache Socks, however since all monitor resolutions and brightness settings are different, these bright colors may look different on your computer screen. PLEASE call us if you have any questions about color-matching to uniforms, etc. Thank You.
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