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Titanium Ionic Softball Bracelet

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Titanium Ionic Sport Accessories are reported to enhance performance through the production of negative ions which counter-balance positive ions created during physical stress.

Ion Technology is reported to:
Enhance Focus & Increase Stability.
Provide Relief From Muscle Stiffness.
Accelerate Recovery Time.

These Softball Ionic Bracelet Wristbands feature Yellow and Red cords with lace stitching braided together into a 9" long bracelet, with rubber Softball knobs on each end. Perfect for Girls or Guys looking to gain a competitive edge!

Ionic Softball Bracelet / Wristband will retain it's ION producing properties even when washed or wet.
* Individual results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and should not be used in lieu of the advice of a licensed medical practitioner or approved medical treatments.

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